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Operate under the direction of a Supervisor, Producer/Director, and/or client to realize the creative vision of video and audio projects, such as regional broadcasts, national broadcasts, athletic game day videos, and documentaries. Set-up and operate video recording, audio, and lighting equipment, in studio and on location. Apply the technical aspects of light, lenses, filters, and camera settings to achieve the desired effects. Use cameras in any of several different camera mounts, such as stationary, track-mounted, or crane-mounted. Participate in surveys for remote production locations and in the planning of production design and approach, settings, lighting, microphone placement, and cable runs. Determine availability of power for lighting and audio needs. Organize raw footage; prepare and revise edit decision lists, as needed. Edit video and audio materials. Log and archive materials according to established data asset management guidelines. Coordinate and provide Producer/Director with production materials such as music cuts, stills, graphics, and visual elements for studio and remote production needs. Perform preventative maintenance on equipment, such as camera pedestals, lighting equipment, audio equipment, and other professional equipment. Notify maintenance technicians in a timely manner when equipment is not functioning properly. Maintain and update equipment checklists, tracking equipment condition and availability. Make recommendations to Supervisor when stocks of parts, components, or other materials need to be replenished, and when new equipment, editing platforms, etc., may be needed. Evaluate completed products for adherence to established technical standards. Log required information on production order forms, timesheets, discrepancy reports, and other report forms as required. Answer questions for, train, and provide direction to other technical-service and part-time employees/students, as needed. Operate University vehicles. Job Requirements: Requires the use of shop mathematics together with the use of complicated drawings, specifications, charts, tables, various types of adjustable measuring instruments and the training generally applicable in a particular or specialized occupation. Equivalent to 1 to 3 years applied trades training. Over 1 year up to and including 3 years of effective experience. Shift: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Days Off: Saturday, Sunday NOTE: THIS POSITION REQUIRES THAT YOU OPERATE A MOTOR VEHICLE AS A PART OF YOUR JOB DUTIES. A VALID DRIVER`S LICENSE AND SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE RECORDS CHECK WILL BE REQUIRED IN ADDITION TO STANDARD BACKGROUND CHECKS.

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University Park, PA
United States
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Full time
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(814) 865-3333