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Stations are working with youth in their respective communities to show them how to produce videos and radio pieces and share their perspectives on education. See what some stations have done below. 

Maryland Public Television: Baltimore Youth Voices

Learn about the dropout crisis from the voices of students who have struggled in life and succeeded in earning a diploma. Produced by Wide Angle Youth Media in partnership with MPT and the American Graduate initiative. American Graduate is supported through funding from CPB.

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Nashville Public Television: Student Voices

Gabriel was initiated into a world filled with gang-related activities at a young age. School was never a top priority, but his love for art has given him a renewed perspective on the value of education. #NPTAmGrad

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Nine Network: Interns

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Outside the Box: Today's teens are knocking down gender stereotypes

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab reporters focused on telling stories that challenge society’s stereotypes for different fields and areas of interest.

The project touches on educational and career issues, such as getting more girls interested in STEM careers as well as the importance of arts in our schools for all students. From young ladies who are inspired through construction work to a young man dreaming of designing for the runways of Milan, “Outside the Box” profiles young peoples tales of breaking down varying stereotypes. Take a look at some of the stories below. 

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Students Speak Out on the Biggest Issues in Education

On American Graduate Day, community organizations, celebrities and educators acknowledge their commitment to keeping at-risk students in school. PBS NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs participated by asking students around the country about their most pressing issues in education.

Motivation, Expectations, Attitude: Kids Define Greatest Issues in Education Today

There's lots of talk about what can be done to improve the American education system, but the voice of students is often missing from the national conversation. PBS NewsHour reached out to our network of Student Reporting Labs in high schools and middle schools across the country and asked: what do you think are the biggest issues in education today?

Student Reporting Labs

Student Reporting Labs


Student Reporting Labs connect students with a network of public broadcasting mentors, an innovative journalism curriculum and an online collaborative space to develop digital media, critical thinking and communication skills while producing original news reports.