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Several public media stations across the country participate in the American Graduate initiative. Check out the videos below for the stories they're covering in their community and the issues facing education in those communities.


Class of ’17 is a five-year initiative that follows North Texas students as they transition from middle school to high school and through graduation. Class of ’17 explores the causes and consequences of the state’s school dropout crisis — and what schools, families and community groups are doing to help keep students in school. The project began in 2013 with stories about a group of eighth graders from different North Texas schools. KERA has been checking on these students each year to document their accomplishments, their struggles — and their hopes for the future.

Learn more about the Class of 17 on the KERA website

CET/ThinkTV: Power of Preschool

Can access to quality preschool make a difference in the life of a child or the future of a community? Clyde Gray hosts The Power of Preschool: Cincinnati, a look at the concept of universal preschool, how other cities have successfully mounted initiatives, and what a Preschool Promise program could look like in Cincinnati.

WNET: Power of Parenting Minutes

WNET is pleased to present New York Parenting Minutes! These short videos provide important information that will help YOU become more aware of issues and opportunities that can help you as you guide and foster the growth of your young children.

Each NY Parenting Minute video presents a key topic that supports an important early childhood educational development skill, provides helpful tips on parenting, or offers valuable information about raising children in New York City.

KETC/Suspended Futures: The School Discipline Debate

"Suspended Futures:  The School Discipline Debate" is a forum, organized by St. Louis Public Radio, the Nine Network and Focus St. Louis, that will examine the link between school discipline, suspension and expulsion, and racial bias in the St. Louis region.

This 90-minute town hall will bring together students, parents, community leaders and non-profits to create further awareness of the issue, understand the problem’s larger impact, and find steps to achieve solutions. The live stream will happen Oct. 28 starting at 7 p.m.

KET/Dropping Back In: Building a Better Life

This program looks at successful apprentice and training-based programs which prepare undereducated and unemployed people for available jobs by teaching marketable skills.

KET American Graduate site

WCTE/Growing Education: The Middle Years

This program focuses on the challenges children face in their early education.

WCTE American Graduate site

NPT/Choice or Chance?

The ability of parents to send their children to schools of their choice is at the heart of modern-day school reform efforts. But increasingly, public school choice has become a divisive concept— splitting communities among those who want students to attend any school that fits their needs and interests, and those who want a return to neighborhood schools.

NPT American Graduate site

TPT/Black Brilliance

Five black high school seniors share their stories of wisdom and strength, where “success” is self -defined. Part of American Graduate – Let’s make it happen.

TPT American Graduate site

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