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Congratulations!  Your program is part of the American Graduate Initiative.  All content produced as part of this initiative is integral to increasing awareness, understanding, and dialogue around the dropout issue.

The national components for American Graduate are led by Nine Network, the Executive Producer, in partnership with CPB. We look forward to working with you to ensure your program helps American Graduate achieve targeted outcomes including:

  • Helping stations maintain key education issues that have contributed to the challenges in high school graduation and solutions at the forefront of local and national dialogue
  • Increasing understanding of the issue complexities and access to solutions to foster ideas and action
  • Increase the number of caring consistent adults in the lives of at-risk youth that identify as American Graduate Champions
  • Elevate the role local stations play as a community leader, convenor, and educational service provider, and visibility of the American Graduate initiative
  • Advance public media’s contribution to solving the nation’s biggest challenges in in education beginning with early education through workforce development

Below is a process by which we can work together to ensure your program’s success as part of the national initiative, as well as local on-the-ground efforts led by stations across the country. 

Download all logos, branding, and creative materials under the "Branding" menu.

Schedule a call with Shelly Williams ( to discuss program alignment with American Graduate outcomes, promotion details, community engagement opportunities, and metrics/process for evaluation.  In advance of the call, please provide:

  • A show treatment or description of the program if not already shared
  • Brief explanation of how the program aligns with the intended outcomes for American Graduate
  • Description of intended engagement activities
  • Promotion and broadcast schedule
  • Any station engagement tools or promotional resources, including artwork
  • Links from to available show clips to promote on
  • Partner list with details on how you are working with them
  • A three-minute clip/trailer to Shelly Williams ( at Nine Network and your CPB project officer.


Station Relations

As early as possible, but at least three months before broadcast, work with Nine Network to coordinate materials to share with American Graduate stations via webinar, e-mail communication, and/or designated initiative group site, BaseCamp, including

  • Outreach/engagement resources for stations to launch in their markets
  • Grant opportunities
  • Education components for promotion to schools and/or inclusion on their local education resources portal
  • Partner list with recommendations for local chapter/affiliate engagement
  • Locally customizable press release
  • Show clips/trailers to be used for presentation at partner or public media events
  • Social Media components (tweets, posts, etc.)

When applicable, inform Nine Network ( of station grant recipients as early as possible and provide updates to Nine Network and your CPB project officer on the status of station grant activities, including details on events or other community engagement activities


As early as possible, but at least three months prior to broadcast, work with Nine Network’s evaluation team to:

  • Learn the evaluation structure/ methods for American Graduate
  • Identify goal/intent of program as aligned with the American Graduate outcomes (is the program intended to increase awareness, understanding, and/or action)
  • Identify key themes related to challenges/solutions introduced in the program


Provide an editable clip for inclusion in an American Graduate overview video to Nine and CPB project officer


Include a link to the American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen website ( in all external mentions of the initiative, such as media releases, pitches, and the program’s website


Include the American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen logo or V.O. reference to American Graduate in all advertisements and promotional spots for the program.


Suggested language is as follows:


V.O. Promo Copy:  "This program is part of American Graduate - Let's make it happen - a public media initiative made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting."



Upload supplemental video, such as short-form filler, behind-the-scenes footage (for web and social media), etc. for Nine Network


Send any captured video or radio testimonials about the project’s impact to Nine via dropbox:


Social Media/Press

Follow American Graduate social media best practices to promote events and programming:


Use downloadable release template at


Work with Nine Network on drafts of all press releases and share with CPB at least three days prior to release.  Approval will be provided in 48 hours.


Share final version with Nine and CPB project officer before release for posting on and American 


Get approvals in advance on any quotes attributed by CPB staff.


American Graduate should be mentioned in heading or subhead of the press release and in the lead paragraph.


Like.  Friend.  Follow. Follow @AmeriGrad on Twitter and “like” American Graduate on Facebook @American Graduate.  Encourage your station’s staff to do the same.


Use your existing Facebook and/or Twitter feed.  Leverage this audience to share news and information about American Graduate rather than creating a stand-alone American Graduate Facebook page or Twitter feed.


Maximize the reach of your posts by tagging.  


Spotlight your community partners, other American Graduate stations, or other organizations or individuals who are working in the dropout-prevention space. 


When you get a “follow” from an individual or organization influential in the dropout-prevention space, be sure to respond with a “Thanks for the follow.”   


Post early.  Post often.  Posting early provides followers ample opportunity to circulate the information in advance of your event or announcement; posting often will ensure your information is seen by your followers and give you the opportunity to respond to any questions or make any clarifications as requested by your community of followers.


Create a calendar and accompanying content pipeline that outlines upcoming American Graduate activities and events. 


Be Relevant.  Be Timely. Beyond AG events, post anything that’s interesting and relevant to the dropout crisis in general.  This can include, but is not limited to:  national/local education stories, partner news, events, studies/reports, etc.


Re-post content from the national feed.  This is your best source for national stories on the dropout crisis and other station activity.Cross-promote content with other stations’ feeds as well as your partner feeds.


Ask questions of your followers – opinions, thoughts, anecdotes, etc. Followers can become a resource, creating a community where the dropout issue can be discussed.  In return, you will create an engaged, loyal following.


National Events  

Inform Nine and CPB project officer of plans for national events, including TCA Press Tour, West Coast Premieres, Capitol Hill events, etc.


Work with Nine and CPB on overall program, including speakers, guest list, invite lists, talking points (as needed), and timing


Request that talent tweet and be available for press interviews


If applicable, ensure American Graduate and CPB are appropriately credited on invitations


Send invitations to Nine and CPB project officer for review before sending out



Use the American Graduate funding credit at the beginning and/or the end of your program, and wherever CPB is credited.


Video:  The downloadable funding credit includes the CPB and American Graduate:  Let’s Make It Happen logos and a voice over, 15 seconds in length. 

Radio: “This report/story is part of American Graduate - Let's make it happen - a public media initiative made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to help local communities keep more students on the path to graduation.”

Print:  Use the American Graduate logo and boilerplate in all written external communications materials (e.g., media releases, pitches), identify your show/special: “[PROGRAM TITLE] is part of American Graduate:  Let’s Make It Happen, a public media initiative made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to help local communities keep more students on the path to graduation.”

Include on-air graphics (transitions, lower third graphics for name keys) hyperlink here/but address spelled out in other places as desired or appropriate

Load final show on and PBS Learning Media.  Ensure all versions submitted include American Graduate funding credit

Tag the video file for uploading to PBS Cove “American Graduate”

Provide link to Nine Network ( for embedding on

Feature American Graduate and link to site on program’s home page

Following the broadcast, send any stories of impact (e.g. metrics, successes, etc.), via e-mail to Shelly Williams ( and your CPB project officer



Nine Network

Executive Producer & Station Relations

Shelly Williams



American Graduate

Stephanie Aaronson




Assigned CPB Project Officer


WORLD Channel

Chris Hastings


Video Delivery Specs for Promotional Video Requests

Preferred file formats include ProRes(HQ), DVCProHD or Avid's DNxHD codec.  A high quality H.264 file is also usable.

All video should be delivered at 1080HD full resolution. 

Files 2GB or less should be sent to

Files larger than 2GB will require alternate delivery (thumb drive, hard drive, data disk, other ftp site). 

Please provide audio as split tracks, as follows:
Track 1:  All narration, interviews and other voice content
Track 2:  Natural sounds, sound on tape (usually ambient sound from b-roll) applause from audience mics, sound effects, etc.
Tracks 3&4:  Music

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