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Producer FAQs

Have you produced an American Graduate:  Let’s Make It Happen funding credit?  
Yes.  The fully produced American Graduate:  Let’s Make It Happen funding credit is available here.


What is included in the American Graduate:  Let’s Make It Happen funding credit?
The funding credit includes the CPB and American Graduate:  Let’s Make It Happen logos and a voice over, which is necessary to establish the relationship between CPB and American Graduate. 

The total length of the credit package is approximately 15 seconds.


Where should the credit appear?  
The credit should appear at the beginning or the end of your program – ideally both – and wherever CPB is credited.


What other on-air branding tools are available to producers?
Nine Network has produced a suite of graphics that can be used on-air, including lower-third graphics for names and titles and various logo animations.  These are available for download.


Are producers permitted to create their own funding packages and on-air graphics? 
Nine Network developed on-air tools and graphics to ensure all American Graduate content– whether a local public affairs program or a national documentary – is accurate and consistent in its American Graduate branding.

We understand that certain situations may arise that require a station or producer to create its own on-air graphics.  In those rare cases, producers should first consult with Kim Bowser ( to discuss their specific needs and potential solutions and should plan to submit the graphics for review.

All on-air branding must include the American Graduate and CPB logos and reflect correct branding standards.   The American Graduate brand style guide is available here.
As a producer, do I need to secure CPB approvals for on-air branding materials?
Any materials that producers create independently from the tools provided on this website and/or any significant modifications to these materials should be submitted for CPB review at least three days in advance of their distribution date. 

Materials should be sent to Kim Bowser ( with a requested deadline for feedback.

Why is content critical to American Graduate:  Let’s Make It Happen? 
Public media content, local and national, accomplishes three important objectives.  First, it increases awareness and generates conversations about the dropout crisis, which helps to engage communities.  Second, it focuses greater attention on the dropout crisis. Third, it can illuminate causes and best practices to stem the tide.  


How will my content be used at the local level to generate stronger community engagement? 
Content is critical to community engagement because it generates conversations about the dropout crisis.  As communities realize the scope and severity of the problem on a national level, we want them to talk about it and examine the issue locally, with the goal of arriving at a solution or best practices to address the issue.
Beyond broadcast, content can be used in a number of ways.  It may be part of town hall meetings on the dropout crisis.  It may also be used as an educational tool for parents, teachers and community leaders to better understand the causes of the dropout crisis or to glean best practices they can use to address the problem in their community.   You may also wish to work with your press team to coordinate screenings of the program in certain communities, followed by a Q&A or discussion with the audience.


A program I produced has been accepted as part of American Graduate, but didn’t receive American Graduate funding.  How should I brand the production?
A program, whether it receives American Graduate funding or not, should still include the funding credit and appropriate on-air branding elements, such as lower-third graphics.

Additional promotional and publicity materials, such as a program website, news release or ad, should also include the American Graduate and CPB logos, as well as the brief description of American Graduate:  “[PROGRAM] is part of American Graduate, a public media initiative made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, to help local communities identify and implement solutions to the high school dropout crisis,” and, where possible, should include a link to the initiative website,

I have an idea for a program that would be appropriate for American Graduate.  How do I submit it for funding consideration?
American Graduate content is selected from several sources. 

We work with national public media producers for programs such as PBS NewsHour, FRONTLINE and Tavis Smiley Reports, and producing organizations such as Latino Public Broadcasting and Black Public Media, to support productions that address the dropout crisis. 

Local public media stations produce education and dropout-related content for their own air and for online viewing.  These are often productions of local town hall meetings or youth-produced content.
We also work with independent producers to contribute productions to the American Graduate programming slate. 
If you are interested in receiving funding for your project through American Graduate, please visit CPB’s grant page  for a list of open American Graduate grants.  You may also wish to visit PBS or ITVS for more information about producing for public media.


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