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West Virginia 

West Virginia Public Broadcasting is tellling the 'Stories of Champions,' profiling West Virginians who have made a difference in the field of STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.) 

• LISTEN: High School Students Experience STEM Fields at Marshall

West Virginia Public Broadcasting is also planning to produce a TV, radio and web special in November 2014 called 'The WestVirginia STEAM Summit,' featuring the people from the three stories and others in a one-hour discussion about what works in STEAM education in WestVirginia. The station is partnering with The Education Alliance, a business and education group. The summit will be streamed live on wvpublic.org and edited to air on WestVirginia PBS and WestVirginiaPublic Radio.

To see more on their latest efforts, visit the WV Public Broadcasting American Graduate Website