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Many of todays’ youth, who represent our future workforce and economic growth, are not prepared for success in entry-level jobs and, ultimately, meaningful careers as they lack the necessary soft skills to enter the work force. To address this challenge, WHRO is developing 24 blended self-paced and instructor led learning modules that every agency, WIB, employer, and school can use to prepare those seeking to enter the workforce. Below is a sample from one of the modules.


WHRO has been developing the following five modules:

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Internet Use and Safety

  • Locating Information

  • Reading for Information

  • Understanding Health, Wellness, and Safety



In these modules, users will find interactive content, videos, and assessments. Click on the player button to view an excerpt of the Internet Use and Safety module.

WHRO is a consortium of 19 Virginia school divisions known as Hampton Roads Educational Television Association (HRETA) and our primary focus is on educational services, which we have been providing to our owners for more than 50 years. More recently WHRO has identified that attention to workplace readiness has been neglected in Virginia’s K-12 schools and many youth are not prepared to enter the workforce. These are called soft skills that UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center and others have identified as crucial competencies for all personnel. WHRO’s Workplace Readiness Modules are designed to prepare today’s youth for the future workforce. For more information go to 

For more information on WHRO's efforts, visit the WHRO American Graduate Website.