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CETand ThinkTV are working to support a number of local and state education initiatives, including Ohio’s kick-off for College Application Month.  Our stations created a one-minute spot that is running in major markets in the state, raising awareness that November is the time to fill out college applications, and that there are people and resources to help. The spot is accompanied by a suggested social media campaign for schools, so that they can reach out directly to their students and parents. The campaign, the first of three such initiatives this year, is developed in conjunction with local schools, community organizations, and the Ohio Board of Regents.

AmGrad CollegeApp TTV from ThinkTV Network on Vimeo.


ideastream® is committed to strengthening our community by providing programming that enlightens, entertains and informs. Through our American Graduate® initiative we have been able to develop programming and expand community partnerships that highlight the issues facing our young people in Northeast Ohio as well as engage student voices in areas where youth perspective counts the most.



Reading Expands All Children’s Horizons (REACH) is a literacy initiative for Kindergarten and First Grade designed to bolster reading achievement by engaging parents as at-home learning partners. Developed by three Ohio school districts in partnership with Public MediaConnect/ThinkTV and Wright State University, with support from the Ohio Department of Education’s Straight A Fund, REACH has two main components:

  • Laptop devices for every Kindergartener and first-grader so learning can continue at home
  • Interactive, self-paced lessons aligned to national standards and best classroom learning practices

The collection of 32 interactive reading lessons is available nationally on demand to all learners through PBS LearningMedia, the nation's largest digital media library for educators.  An estimated 1,000 students/ year will participate from the Milton-Union Exempted Village Schools, Piqua City Schools and Franklin Monroe Local Schools districts.



Graduating Latino, produced in partnership with ThinkTV, is WYSO's series on education for Latino students in the Miami Valley. In much of the Miami Valley the Latino population has gone from about 2 percent in the mid-2000s, to 4 percent now. Around half the local Latino population is from Mexico, which means the other half represent a big cross-section: many Puerto Ricans, and people from Central and South America. The population is a mix of foreign-born and U.S.-born representing a diverse set of experiences.

Five Ohio public media stations – WOSU, Ideastream, CET, WYSO and WGTE – have done work to improve the youth outcomes in the state of Ohio.


To see what all Ohio stations are doing, check out their respective websites below: