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New York

Nine public media stations across New York State work to improve children & youth outcomes to keep them on track for graduation and success from cradle to career. All offer Ready to Learn training, programming, events and resources to families, schools and communities to support early childhood learning and readiness for school. All stations collaboratively offer PBS LearningMedia New York, free of charge, to engage students and support their academic needs. Across the state Homework Hotline, produced by WXXI, airs & streams live 4 days a week to help families with daily academic challenges and learning strategies. WNET produces the annual American Graduate Day national broadcast carried by all the New York Stations featuring key community partners doing compelling positive work.  Learn more about each station’s respective education & American Graduate efforts, below:

  • Mountain Lake PBS (Plattsburgh, NY) Mountain Lake PBS provides a variety of educational services to the region, including free family and community events that connect PBS Kids programming to hands-on learning, professional development workshops for area educators on PBS LearningMedia, and an American Graduate initiative called Career Crosswalks, aimed at informing local students of the variety of careers available using local businesses and their workers. Learn more at:


  • WCNY (Syracuse, NY) -   At the core of WCNY’s mission is education.  WCNY is committed to preparing students for college and career success through its Enterprise America co-curricular entrepreneurial STEM and financial and civic literacy program; Media and Marketing Communications Career and Technical Education two-year course offered at WCNY; and production of Regents Review, a televised and online Regents exam preparation program.  Student academic achievement is showcased by WCNY through Double Down, our high school academic quiz show now in its 11th  year and live broadcast of the oral portion of the region’s annual Spelling Bee. WCNY professional development workshops for educators, pre-service teachers, and childcare providers help build awareness and utilization of extensive local and national resources.  WCNY’s family literacy and mobile media programming offer families ways to learn together.  Community conversations, public affairs programming, and American Graduate projects and Stories of Champions profiles focus spotlight on critical educational issues and organizations developing innovative solutions to educational challenges.  Visit the WCNY American Graduate  Website   
  • WMHT (Troy, NY) WMHT’s American Graduate initiative continues to work to improve youth outcomes in our region, with our Building Blocks media campaign, a focus on examining the stepping-stones for success from early childhood and beyond
  • WNED|WBFO: WNED|WBFO’s radio news and community engagement initiative Focus on Education has been a success in the Buffalo – Toronto area in raising awareness of important educational topics and providing resources. The WBFO news staff produced 725 stories in a two-year period and continues to produce an average of 29 reports per month. The station also continues to provide support to Buffalo Public Schools based on Ready To Learn and the PBS KIDS Lab mobile learning project. WNED|WBFO is a contributing station of PBS LearningMedia New York and offers workshops and presentations on the free media service.    Visit the WNED ThinkBright website


  • WNET, operating local stations THIRTEEN & WLIW21, provides a full range of Pre-K-12 content and services to the New York City, Lower Hudson, and Long Island regions. Locally, WNET’s American Graduate Community Hub work has focused on delivering critical training, information and resources to high-need NYC parents and families through strategic partnership with the NYC Early Learning Network—including ongoing workshops and digital media pieces about important literacy, health and NYC agency resources.  For more information, visit WNET’s Education website and WNET’s American Graduate Hub homepage


  • WPBS (Watertown, NY) - WPBS-DT’s broadcast of the annual American Graduate initiative is complimented with local interstitials.  In addition, WPBS provides four literacy-based, free educational events each year.  We are currently designing a three-phased program for middle school aged students to facilitate career pathing, matching the student’s interests with job opportunities in our region.  WPBS-DT reacts to the needs of our broadcast community and creates initiatives each year to provide much-needed resources to cash strapped school districts and educators and families of our region. Visit the WPBS American Graduate Website
  • WSKG (Binghamton, NY)  WSKG trains students in media production skills, empowering them to reflect on and share their own American Graduate story. WSKG promotes dialog, outreach, and in-depth reporting on the education of children from birth through college and career. Learn more about our early education community action initiative First Five, watch videos produced by high school students in our media production program Youth Voice, and listen to reports filed by our Education beat reporter. Visit the WSKG American Graduate Website
  • WXXI (Rochester, NY)  - WXXI’s American Graduate initiative continues to provide important services to support the educational success of students of all ages by:  1.) informing and convening the community around the education issues and connecting people to resources and solutions; 2.) producing Homework Hotline, a live statewide call-in show, supporting kids and families with daily academic help on-air and online; 3.) providing Ready to Learn and Adult Education services with 15.5 hours per day of on-air & online program resources to support families’ learning needs; 4.) providing PBS LearningMedia New York, an interactive resource of 100,000+ quality educational videos, interactive games and experiences to New Yorkers, free of charge; 5.) offering 100+ workshops a year for community partners, parents, teachers and caregivers to provide tools for success for preK-12 & adult education; and 6.) providing a public venue to share the community’s education stories and the uplifting profiles of American Graduate Champions who support our children and families. Learn more:  Visit the WXXI American Graduate Website