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WNET/Thirteen (New York, NY)  -  Visit WNET's American Graduate Website 

WNET provides educational resources for NJTV in New Jersey.

WNET hosted the third annual American Graduate Day on September 27, 2014. The live, multi-platform event was streamed live from the Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center in New York City. The day featured a seven-hour "call to action" marathon around critical themes, including expanded learning time and after school programs, early education, mentoring, career readiness and college completion, STEM programs, family support and dropout re-engagement and prevention.

WNET partnered with ReelWorks Teen Filmaking in Brooklyn to capture youth perspectives on the dropout crisis using youth generated content. These participating teens developed, "American Dropout," a half-hour documentary focused on the dropout crisis in New York City that featured the voices of  high school dropouts speaking candidly to their friends and peers about why they dropped out, the challenges they face, and how they're working to overcome them.

The station also hosted a Teacher Town Hall that featured 5 panelistsin a small in-studio.

WNET worked closely with the NYC Mayor's Interagency Task Force on Truancy, United Way of NYC-Project GPS, Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology, PS 185, The Urban Ambassadors: Purpose Distinction Leadership, Graphic Arts High School, Change for Kids, Good Shepard Services, New York City Housing Authority (King Towers and Rutgers Centers), Polic Athletci League NYC, Robin Hood Foundation, Children's Aid Society, ReelWorks Teen Filmakers, Bloomingdale Family Center, PS/IS 111, PS 188, 52nd Street Project, Counceling in Schools, Mercy College, Partnership with Children, and Rise Up and Walk.