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As an American Graduate Community Hub Station, WUCF is bringing Central Florida educators, non-profit leaders, parents and students together to increase awareness about the issues that impact high school graduation rates in our region. Through a cradle-to-career approach, our station is developing on-air and online content that addresses early childhood developmental milestones, school readiness, grade level reading, graduation rates and post-secondary access. WUCF also continues to facilitate greater collaboration in our community by convening youth-serving organizations to discuss new and existing issues and find ways to address them. Through our work, American Graduate has enabled us to share stories of success from our region and give a louder voice to the organizations positively affecting graduation rates in Central Florida.

For the past two years, WFSU has produced an ongoing radio series, Voices from the Classroom, which features middle and high school students.  These two-minute stories premiere each Thursday morning on WFSU-FM, 88.9 and run an additional four times during the week and are archived on our American Graduate website.  More than anything else we have done, these stories have helped educate, inform and inspire our community to the challenges that young people face in pursuit of their dreams.  The full series can be heard here.

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