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WHYY provides public media coverage for the entire state of Delaware.

WHYY held six "Civic Dialogues" where diverse groups of stakeholders, including teachers, administrations, parents, foundations, non-profits, public and private schools, discussed issues surrounding school success and graduation. The findings from these dialogues were compiled into a report and presented to the School Reform Commission, who altered the superintendent hiring process due to the findings.

The station established the "Introduction to Digital Storytelling" Teacher Scholarships to allow teachers to attend professional development courses on how to better engage students through the use of multimedia production techniques in the classroom.

WHYY also planned a two-week American Graduate youth media summer camp for at-risk youth in grades 9-12 (or who are in GED programs and are under 19 years old).  Students created two documentaries and a series of PSAs addressing the dropout crisis in Philadelphia and the surrounding area with staff serving as guides and executive producers. Through the process of creating these videos, students learned the basics of documentary film production: framing shots, conducting interviews, shooting video, recording audio and voice overs, and editing on Final Cut Pro. (Left: Still from the RAFEEK PSA created by students that participated in the American Graduate youth media summer camp.)