American Graduate Champions

Help young people in your community stay on the path to graduation by becoming an American Graduate Champion!

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WHYY celebrates Flash Media Labs in Philly schools

Six Philadelphia high schools have labs dedicated to teaching and engaging students in media production. Check out their local collaboration with Philadelphia School District.

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'Odd Squad' premieres in November

Early exposure to math increases long-term success for children. Follow Olive and Otto as they try to save the day using math skills.

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American Graduate Champion: Charlie Bean

Dropout recruiter Charlie Bean is getting hundreds of kids off the street and back on track to graduate from high school.

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Council of Great City Schools talks student testing

The Council of the Great City Schools hosted a town hall Oct. 24 in Milwaukee, Wis. to address issues of student testing in our nation's public schools in regards to validity, fairness and how much is too much.

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