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People across the country -- from students to local and national leaders -- are talking about their experiences with the American Graduate Initiative through their local public media stations.


"Education is so important—knowledge could open the whole world to you if you just know your stuff."

-- Samira Alwazir, H.S. Student St. Louis, MO


"This June, I will graduate from Power House High School, and I am planning to start college in the fall.   As I think about the American Graduate PSAs that we produced, I am so proud and feel that they can make a difference and help kids stay in School.  Let’s make it happen!”

-- Johnny Thrower, a Chicago teen participating on Free Spirit Media’s production team for American Graduate (WTTW Chicago, IL)


"We don’t have this any place else. If you bring this forum together every so often and give us jobs to do, we will impact the dropout crisis.”

-- Town hall participant on value of Town Hall (WHRO Norfolk, VA)


"What impressed me as I moved around to the different areas was that the professionals were so excited to be here to share their knowledge and talk to the students. This genuine positive feeling transferred itself to the students and I saw faces light up on both sides of the tables as information was shared. I was very proud to witness the interactions between the presenters and students.”

-- Teacher at Ghazvini Success Academy commenting on the Career Fair (WFSU Tallahassee, FL)


"Thank you so much for spreading the word about declining dropout rates in the Atlanta area. More importantly thank you for being a catalyst for reversing these tendencies and identifying best practices to increase graduation numbers.”

-- Dana Price, member, Embracing Mays Community and Cluster Schools (PBA Atlanta, GA)


Business, State, and Community Leaders


"It is important to know the difference between a dream and a vision. After you have a vision, you must lay a framework; and the American Graduate project helps students create the framework to fulfill a vision of success."

-- John Marks, Mayor of Tallahassee


"American Graduate is a wonderful program! I am committed to doing whatever I can to help students stay in school and graduate. When students start school in pre-K or kindergarten, they do not begin with the mindset of dropping out; we, as parents, educators, and leaders, have to do something about that.”

-- Rueben McDaniel, Chair, Atlanta Board of Education (WPBA Atlanta, GA)


"I love the way you are handling the drop-out issue with American Graduate.  You see it as a continuum, not just a high school issue, and you are helping people understand that.”

-- Greg Landsman, Strive Partnership (CET Cincinnati, OH)


"American Graduate has helped our organization dialogue with other education and community partners. Our students have been more involved in public conversations and have had an opportunity to realize the impact they have on education in the state of Indiana.”

-- Marquisha Bridgeman, Goodwill Educational Initiatives (WFYI Indianapolis, IN)


Partner Organizations


"Participati​ng [in the American Graduate initiative] has given us greater exposure to the community and partnering with this movement has increased visibility of our work in the community."

-- First 5 FUNdamentals (KBTC partner)


“[As a result of participating in the American Graduate initiative], students are much more informed about the careers, skills, and experiences they are interested in pursuing.”

-- Coastline ROP (PBS SoCal partner)


“We have been able to gain wonderful new relationships since participating [in] American Graduate.”

-- Nickelodeon Theatre (SCETV partner)


“Through AG, APT has helped foster ideas that are outside the box to make a positive impact in existing programs.”

-- Reach Out and Read Alabama (APT partner)


“KET helps to raise awareness about issues, provides space for dialogue and debate, and has a unique ability to reach parents – all [of which] helps increase education outcomes.”

-- 55,000 Degrees (KET partner)


“New Mexico PBS has been a terrific partner, linking connections, coordinating streamlined efforts, and driving work forward.”

-- Learning Alliance NM (New Mexico PBS partner)


“Nine Network is integral to the community for information, education, awareness and productivity.”

-- Cardinal Ritter College Prep (Nine Network partner)


“American Graduate assisted us in reaching about 400 families and children for a community event.”

-- United Way of Central Alabama (APT partner)


“NPT has been invaluable in our joint effort to provide resources and materials to families in the area of Kindergarten Readiness.”

-- Metro Nashville Public Schools (NPT partner)


“WFYI is a wonderful community partner and has really benefitted early childhood education in Indiana.”

-- St. Mary's Child Center (WFYI partner)


“WSKG offers a valuable opportunity for our students to develop a 'voice' and to develop confidence in their ability to influence change.”

-- Binghamton City School District (WSKG partner)


“Our American Graduate collaboration has been very effective in helping to raise awareness on the particular educational at-risk needs of not only our local Hispanic/ Latino community, but also how the needs reflect national trends.”

-- LULAC Council (CET/ThinkTV partner)


“KBTC has been a flexible and reliable partner … we have really been impressed with the willingness to provide supplies and materials as well as support in delivering programs. They also help more kids to access membership to our programs!”

- Boys & Girls Club of South Puget Sound (KBTC partner)


“WFYI demonstrates a very collaborative spirit and brings a tremendous amount of expertise to the community. It is a highly respected organization that is
willing to work with organizations
to ‘get to yes.’”

-- Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (WFYI partner)


“The MPB staff is extremely committed to collaboration and convening stakeholders who otherwise would not unite.”

-- Pigs-In-Flight Children's Museum (MPB partner)


“PBS SoCal are amazing advocates and leaders for education in our community.”

-- CARECEN (Central American Resource Center) (PBS SoCal partner)


“UEN provides excellent free resources to families in Utah, and their staff is so wonderful at explaining them to families.”

-- Salt Lake County Library Services (UEN partner)


“Our partnership with WGBY creates opportunities for us to increase our impact on positive youth development in Springfield and creates opportunities for the youth in our program to learn new skills and grow.”

-- Project Coach (WGBY partner)


“Partnering with WCTE provides the opportunity to reach more people and provides the vehicle for creating a cultural shift in how people view the alignment of education with job opportunities in the region. WCTE is integral to the broader reach that simply cannot happen through other media outlets.”

-- Highlands Economic Partnership (WCTE partner)


“WFYI is a very collaborative organization that stays well informed of our community's issues. They are professional and bring great opportunity for education, communication and entertainment.”

-- Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (WFYI partner)


“Partnering with CET has given greater credibility to our program and highlighted our success to the broader community.”

-- CATC (CET/ThinkTV partner)


“Our collaboration with WHUT has resulted in motivating our students in a way that traditional education
has not been able to.”

-- DCPS/Wash-Met High School (WHUT partner)


“WGBY always sits at the table and uses their creative resources to share messages/issues of importance to our community. Always a willing and creative partner.”

-- Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation (WGBY partner)


“Partnering with WFYI provides a collective public voice for important community solutions.”

-- Indiana University Purdue (WFYI partner)