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October Station Highlights: TPT, NPT, WSKG

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Screenshot/Black Brilliance

American Graduate hub stations have been making an impact in their own communities through content and events. See below for what some of our stations have done in the past month. 

  • Twin Cities PBS aired a new documentary, Black Brilliance, in late September. The 30-minute film focuses on five black high school seniors on their paths toward graduation. The students address what it takes to graduate, what it means to them, and define success in their own terms.
  • Nashville Public Television hosted an online screening and discussion of their American Graduate “Student Voices” videos. The videos feature 12 Nashville-area at-risk high school students talking about the challenges they face on the path to graduation. The goal of the project is to provide a greater understanding of the factors that can impede or facilitate student success.
  • WSKG aired an interview with Youth Media Coordinator Annie Cartie to discuss the importance of an emotional connection when looking at the path to graduation. Cartie discusses how teachers are making personal connections to their students and how public media is making a difference in students’ lives.