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November Station Highlights: WFYI, NPT, Nine Network, CPT12

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American Graduate hub stations across the country have hosted a number of events and important discussions in their respective communities. 

Here's a look at what a few of them have done in the past month.

WFYI hosted a discussion Nov. 17 around whether technology can revolutionize learning, especially as it pertains to how educators use technology. Learn more about “Wired for Success” here. 

Nashville Public Television produced a documentary focusing on the issue of school choice. “Choice or Chance?” looks at parents’ ability to send their children to schools of their choice and how it’s become a divisive concept; it’s splitting communities between those in favor of specialized schools for student needs and interests and those that prefer neighborhood schools that serve the immediate area. Watch the program here.

Late last month, the Nine Network of Public Media hosted a town hall discussion in collaboration with St. Louis Public Radio and FOCUS St. Louis that examined the link between school discipline, suspension and expulsion, and racial bias in the St. Louis region. For more information around the program and resources, visit the Nine Network American Graduate website.

In mid October, Colorado Public Television hosted an “Education Night,” where they premiered “Education Inc.,” which is a film around education reform in the Denver region. They presented a live stream as well as live tweeted during the screening and panel. For more information on their efforts, visit the CPT Education page