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March Station Highlights: TPT, WNET, WSKG

Posted by Aja Williams on

Public media stations across the country have been working to rally their community around youth.

Here are some of the events taking place across the country:

    • TPT hosted a conversation about public media’s portrayal of African-American students. During the talk, guests from the United Negro College Fund discussed public media’s role in empowering African-American students and challenged media to tell authentic stories that provide young people with relatable narratives.
    • WNET recently launched “New York Parenting Minutes,” a series of short videos that provide parents with helpful information about ways to raise their children in educational, healthy homes. The videos are presented in four languages (English, Spanish, Bengali, and Mandarin) and each one presents a key topic that supports early childhood developmental skills, offers information about raising kids in New York City, or provides parenting tips.
    • WSKG created an early education resource page that provides booklists, talking points, links, and activity sheets for parents and early childhood teachers.