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February Station Highlights: PBS SoCal, WFSU, WHUT

Posted by Aja Williams on

Public media stations across the country have been working to rally their community around youth.

Here are some of the events taking place across the country:

  • PBS SoCal engaged youth in the Long Beach Community Action Partnership’s PADNET program by providing hands-on production training, which resulted in student-produced American Graduate Championsvideos. The youth then hosted a screening to showcase their videos.
  • WFSU presents GRADSTOCK, a concert series that will be held at the end of February to benefit the station’s American Graduate work. The event leverages funds from Newman’s Own and offers attendees behind-the-scenes access to parts of WFSU’s station, food trucks, and music from local artists.
  • WHUT produced and aired several interstitials throughout the month of January as part of its American Graduate Mentor Month campaign, which celebrated the positive effects of mentoring, raised awareness about the need for mentors in the Washington, DC area, and highlighted organizations that provide mentoring opportunities.