December Station Highlights: MPB, APTV and ThinkTV | American Graduate (Main)

December Station Highlights: MPB, APTV and ThinkTV

Posted by Aja Williams on

Although 2015 is winding down, several public media stations involved in American Graduate have hosted a number of programs and events in relation to their work. Check out what's happened recently.

  • Mississippi Public Broadcast hosted its annual “Stop the Drop” Summit on December 15. The summit focuses on educating its community on dropout prevention methods while engaging students on the importance of graduating and becoming informed, productive citizens. During the summit, they also recognized their Champion of the Year, Dak Prescott, who will act as an ambassador for MPB’s American Graduate work throughout 2016. Learn more about the summit on the MPB American Graduate website.
  • Alabama Public Television hosted an electronic field trip on the 60th anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It was the sixth episode of it’s Project C series, which has examined lessons in the Civil Rights Movement. You can view the episode currently on the APTV website.
  • ThinkTV hosted a public affairs program titled “The Power of Preschool” which took a look at the concept of universal preschool, how other cities have successfully mounted initiatives, and what a Preschool Promise program could look like in the Dayton region. Watch the program on their website. 

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