American Graduate joins White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools

Posted by Aja Williams on

Public media’s American Graduate initiative will participate today in Washington, D.C., in the first-ever White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools.

The Summit is convening students, educators, philanthropists and entrepreneurs from across the country who will identify ways in which American high schools can promote personalized learning, work-based learning experiences, deeper ties to post-secondary, and include a focus on expanding science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) opportunities for girls and other groups of students who are underrepresented in these high-growth, well-paying fields.

Simultaneously, Alliance for Excellent Education in partnership with America’s Promise Alliance, Civic Enterprises, and Everyone Graduates Center released new research Tuesday showcasing that dropouts are decreasing.

In 2008, the number of dropouts reached 1 million and by 2012 had decreased to approximately 750,000.

Read more about the new report on the Alliance for Excellent Education website.

Heeding the Summit’s call to action, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting will, through American Graduate, support stories for broadcast about new approaches to high school education across the country. Local stations will host community conversations and will provide PBS Learning Media resources to educators for use in their classrooms. Students will create digital content, including news reports, for programs such as the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs.

Watch the entire summit via the White House live stream. Follow today’s summit activities on Twitter, and share your thoughts with #AmGrad #NextGenHS.