October is Bullying Prevention Month

Posted by Brendan Williams on
From Independent Lens film, "Bully"

Bullying can be found in classrooms all across the country. While it certainly makes school a less-than-welcoming environment for students, it also has other impacts.

Children who are bullied are shown to be more chronically absent and show lower academic achievement, which in turn leads to a higher chance of not graduating.

In a 2010 UCLA study, researchers worked with 2,300 students from 11 Los Angeles middle schools. They asked the students to rate whether they get bullied and they also asked which of the students’ peers were bullied the most.

The results of the study showed a high level of bullying was correlated with lower grades across all three years of middle school.

October is Bullying Prevention Month across the United States, and a number of organizations are providing resources and ways to help reduce the fight against not just in school bullying but also cyber bullying, rather bullying occurring in an online environment.

Resources such as StopBullying.gov, recommends caring, active adults – such as parents, mentors, tutors, and others – communicate with kids about bullying, provide positive intervention and to help those students who are being bullied.

Independent Lens film "Bully," which was recently nominated for an Emmy, looked at the issue in its documentary last year.

For more information on what you can do for anti-bullying resources, below: