Active, Caring Adult Leaders speak on importance of reaching youth

Posted by Aja Williams on

In response to the release of America’s Promise Alliance and Center for Promise recent report “Don’t Quit on Me,” national leaders have started a discussion in getting more adults involved in youth lives.

America’s Promise Alliance President and CEO John Gomperts recently wrote on Medium about 5 ways that adults can engage youth.

“Add relationship poverty to the list of challenges facing young people who leave high school before graduating,” he writes in the introduction of the post.

MENTOR CEO David Shapiro responded in his own post regarding the role of mentors and how they can help students.

“In choosing to serve as mentors for young people, we have the ability to change the lives of countless youth struggling to graduate high school,” he wrote.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting President and CEO Pat Harrison also responded to the posting among others.

“I often wonder how well my children would have done in life if, in addition to their parents, they didn’t have an army of teachers, scout leaders, coaches, counselors, grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors, all contributing to their success,” she writes.

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