Viral 'Humans of New York' post sparks inspiration for world, education

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simple post that started on Humans of New Yorkquickly gained worldwide attention, lead to a White House visit with the president and a fundraiser that generated more than $1 million for a New York City school.

Mott Hall Bridges Academy student Vidal Chastanet named his principal Nadia Lopez as someone who influenced him most in his life for the viral blog, Humans of New York.

That post inspired Chastanet to create a Indiegogo campaign that quickly raised $1.2 million that will be used for student trips to Harvard University as well as scholarships.

In an interview with PBS NewsHour, Principal Lopez said she was on the verge of giving up her educational leadership position, and the post completely rejuvenated her spirit.

“I actually entered education after I had my own daughter. I decided that I wanted to be the very thing that I experienced in the classroom. I wanted her, and so many other children who would set foot in a classroom in any school, to know what it was like to have someone who had high expectations and someone who was going to be supportive, someone who was going to be their champion. So that’s pretty much grounded my decision,” she said during her PBS NewsHour interview.

Last week, Chastanet, Lopez and the creator of “Humans of New York” Brandon Stanton met and spoke to President Barack Obama.

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To read the full interview with PBS NewsHour, visit the website. To learn more about Humans of New York, visit here.