4 Ways to Become a Mentor

Posted by Aja Williams on

For national mentoring month, organizations are encouraging individuals as well as organizations to get involved with helping youth. 


To get you started, we've marked down some great ways to  get started in becoming a mentor:


1. Start small and basic. Mentoring can come as easy as getting involved in opportunities through a professional organization or community group where you already serve. It can also be as simple as helping someone in your family. Either rate, find out about opportunities you're already involved in and see how you can help there. If this doesn't work for you, then consider the next step.


2. Find an organization and get started. Maybe your passionate about mentoring someone interested in your professional field or just helping enhance the mathematic or tutoring skills of a young person. Either way, there are hundreds if not thousands of organizations who are always looking for someone to help and mentor the next generation. To find organizations in your community, the National Mentoring Partnership provides a listing of community organizations that could best suit you.


3. Get your job involved. Throughout the month of January, the National Mentoring Partnership is offering a "Corporate Mentoring Challenge" where companies have the opportunity to commit to improving the lives of young people. Should your company take the pledge, you can take it a step further and get involved in the mentroing opportunities provided by your workplace.


4. Start your own mentoring program. If you're not finding the right program for you. MENTORprovides resources in what to consider and how to get started in your own program. 


No matter what route you decide to pursue, make sure that you take an active role in meeting with your mentee regularly for impact and to develop a healthy relationship between you two.


January is National Mentoring Month, and American Graduate is providing a number of resources throughout the month on mentoring. 


To celebrate your mentor or someone you know in your community, honor them as a champion.