Tacoma makes great strides in graduation rates

Posted by Aja Williams on

Tacoma School District can no longer be labeled a “dropout factory.”

Washington’s second largest district increased its graduation rates from 55 percent to 78 percent in a four-year span, according to multiple news outlets. The district has a goal of 85 percent graduation rate by 2020.

Wilson High School has credited its success to Principal Dan Besett who pushed students through phone calls over the summer, ensuring students completed missed tests and homework assignments and other requirements, according to the News Tribune.

In particular, the rates have improved drastically for low-income and minority students.

African-American students improved from 59.4 percent to 73.8 percent, according to an Associated Press report. Native American students grew from 48.6 percent in 2012 to 68.2 percent this year.

Last year, the state’s graduation rate was 76 percent, and the district hopes to top this year’s rate, which has not yet been released.