Welcome to the new American Graduate website!

Posted by Aja Williams on

With a new phase and more work to be done to combat the dropout crisis, the American Graduate initiative has a new online look.

If you’re seeing this website for the first time, American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen is a long-term commitment, which is supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, to help communities across the country with the high school dropout crisis.

More than 30 stations and hundreds of communities are participating in community conversations, forums, panels and broadcasts that are strategies and ways to get students one step closer to being engaged and involved in completing high school.

On this website, you can find a number of items critical to the growing success of the initiative, including more information on our story, national organizations and other partners who back the initiative.

You can also find how to get involved locally as well as national, local and even student-produced stories pertaining to increasing graduation rates and lowering the number of dropouts.

You’ll also find national events, such as American Graduate Day, and other partnerships where American Graduate has a hand.

You can also find daily updates on education and what’s being nationally on the issue.

We hope you join us in becoming involved in the conversation on the dropout crisis or even recognizing a champion – someone who inspires and pushes to get students through to high school graduation – and tell us their story.