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January 2013

CPB, "Tavis Smiley to Investigate an Educational System Under Arrest", January 31, 2013

CPB, "180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School", January 31, 2013

WNET, "WNET Partners with TED to Produce Public Television Education Special, Airing Tuesday, May 7 at 8 p.m.", January 15, 2013

Engadget, "Bill Gates to Chat Education on PBS in First TED Talk Made for TV", January 15, 2013

POV, "POV's 'American Promise' Premieres at 2013 Sundance Film Festival", January 14, 2013

CPB, "Mentoring in Action", January 14, 2013


February 2013

Educational Policy Improvement Center, "Roadtrip Nation Impact Study", February 25, 2013

Current, "Upcoming American Graduate specials tackle lax schools, juvenile justice system", February 14, 2013

CPB, "American Graduate: Let's make it Happen Partners with Alliance for Excellent Education for Digital Learning Day, Feb. 6", February 4, 2013

March 2013

WAMU, "WAMU 88.5 News’ “American Graduate” series wins first place in National Awards for Education Reporting", March 26, 2013

Education Week, "New PBS School Documentary '180 Days': A Grueling, Hopeful Journey", March 25, 2013

Huffington Post, "Education Under Arrest: Taking America Out of Its Comfort Zone", March 25, 2013

Take Part, "PBS Host Tavis Smiley Has Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance", March 25, 2013

AV Club, "180 Days: A Year In An American High School Debuts Tonight on PBS at 9:00 p.m. Eastern", March 25, 2013

Indie Wire, "Premiering TONIGHT On PBS - National Black Programming Consortium Presents '180 Days'", March 25, 2013, "PBS Documentary '180 Days' Shares Subject Matter With OWN's 'Blackboard Wars'", March 25, 2013, "Tavis Smiley PBS Spcial Examines the 'School-To-Prison Pipeline", March 22, 2013

Washington Post, "'180 Days' and 'American Promise': Two Films That Show Racial and Financial Disparities in America's School Systems", March 22, 2013

Huffington Post, "Another Film About a Struggling School... Why Should You Care?", March 19, 2013

Broadway World, "John Legend to Host TED TALKS EDUCATION Special on PBS, 5/7", March 14, 2013

Music World, "John Legend to Host TED TALKS EDUCATION Special on PBS, 5/7", March 14, 2013

WNET, "TED and WNET Produce “TED Talks Education,One-Hour Original PBS Special to air Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 10:00 p.m.", March 13, 2013

April 2013

CPB, "Corporation for Public Broadcasting President and CEO Patricia Harrison Honored with Medallion Award from PBS SoCaL", April 29, 2013

School Library Journal, "'TED Talks Education' to Air May 7 on PBS", April 29, 2013

Change for Kids, "Celebrity Sightings: Education Style", April 29, 2013

Scholastic Administrator, "This Week in Education", April 23, 2013

Humanitarian News, "Get Ready for TED Talks Education, airing May7 at 10PM", April 23,2013

Yahoo! News, "Bill Gates' $5 Billion Plan: Let's Put a Camera in Every Classroom", April 22, 2013

Take Part, "Bill Gates' $5 Billion Plan: Let's Put a Camera in Every Classroom", April 22, 2013

TED Radio Hour, "What Role do Relationships Play in Learning?", April 20, 2013

Fast Company, "New Details on Bill Gates' $5 Billion Plan to Film, Measure Every Teacher", April 15, 2013

CPB, "The Corporation for Public Broadcasting Awards Grant to WGBH to Develop New Middle School Math Resources", April 9, 2013

Current, "Public TV's First TED Talks Education Special Tapes Live This Week", April 3, 2013

May 2013

CPB, "American Graduate: Vamos A Logrario! (Let's Make it Happen)", May 13, 2013

The Root, "John Legend Sells Success", May 11, 2012

The Philadelphia Inquirer, "History on a Harley", May 7, 2013

The Educated Reporter, "Ted Talks Education: A Sneak Peek of Tonight's Television Debut", May 7, 2013

EdMedia Commons, "Five Questions for TED Talks curator Chris Anderson on Re-Imagining Education", May 7, 2013

Broadway World, "TED TALKS EDUCATION Airs on PBS Tonight", May 7, 2013

Upstart Business Journal, "TED Talks on TV? It's Coming May 7", May 6, 2013

National Journal, "They Don't Learn if They Don't Like You", May 6, 2013

Montana Associated Tech Roundtables, "TED Talks Education- 'American Graduate: Let's Make it Happen", May 6, 2013

Hot Hardware, "TED and PBS Television Join Forces for 'TED Talks Education'", May 6, 2013

New York Times, "TED Teams Up With PBS on Ideas for Education", May 5, 2013

Chicago Tribune, "Young Chicago Poet Malcolm London Speaks Up For Education on TED Show", May 6, 2013

CNN, "How to Get Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn", May 6, 2013

LA Times, "Tuesdy's TV Highlights", May 5, 2013

The China Post, "TED Tailors 'Ideas Worth Spreading' for Television", May 5, 2013

AFP, "TED Tailors 'Ideas Worth Spreading' for Television", May 5, 2013

Huffington Post, "Why We Need to Reform Education Now", May 3, 2013

Huffinton Post, "How a Teacher Encouraged Her Students With an 'F'", May 3, 2013

Education Next, "What We're Watching: TED Talks Education", May 1, 2013

Denver Post, "TED Talks comes to TV", May 2, 2013

July 2013

Jackson Free Press, "Team JPS: Public Schools in Need", July 31, 2013

POV Press Room, "Inner-City Junior High School Defies the Odds to Become National Chess Powerhouse in POV's 'Brooklyn Castle", July 31, 2013

ITVS, "The Graduates/Los Graduados Premieres on Independent Lens Monday, October 28 and November 4, 2013", July 17, 2013

Current, "AFI Docs Festival Screen Diverse PUB TV Films", July 8, 2013

Reuters, "Celebrities Launch Documentary to Motivate Latinos to Graduate from High School", July 8, 2013


August 2013

Arizona Central, "Valley Students Keeping MLK's Dream Alive", features AZ Student Reporting Labs, August 29, 2013

POV Press Room, "POV's 'American Promise' is a Rare and Compelling Exploration of Race, Class and Opportunity in America", August 27, 2013

Market Watch, "American Graduate Day 2013, Live National Multiplatform Event to Keep Students on the Path to Graduation, Returns September 28 on Public Media", August 15, 2013

PR Newswire, "American Graduate Day 2013, Live National Multiplatform Event to Keep Students on the Path to Graduation, Returns September 28 on Public Media", August 15, 2013

Broadway World, WNET to Air AMERICAN GRADUATE DAY 2013, 9/28, August 13, 2013

WNET, "American Graduate Day 2013, Live National Multiplatform Event to Keep Students on the Path to Graduation Returns September 28 on Public Media", August 13, 2013

Channel Guide, "PBS at 2013 TCA Summer Press Tour", August 8, 2013

Deadline, "TCA: Latino Actors Tell Hollywood to Work Harder for Diversity", August 7, 2013


September 2013

CPB, "American Graduate: Let's Make it Happen! Announces 12 New Town Halls Across the Nation to Discuss Solutions to the Dropout Crisis", September 30, 2013

Houston Chronicle, "American Graduate Day Addresses the Dropout Issue", September 29, 2013

Las Vegas Sun, "American Graduate Day Addresses Dropout Issue", September 29, 2013

ABC News, "American Graduate Day Addresses Dropout Issue", September 28, 2013

Associated Press,"American Graduate Day Addresses Dropout Issue", September 28, 2013

New York Times, "What's On Saturday", Septemver 28, 2013

New York Daily News, "WNET and WLIW Team Up to Spur Community Action on Reducing School Dropout Rates", Sepbember 28, 2013

The York Daily Record, "American Graduate Day Addresses Dropout Issue", September 28, 2013

KWTX, "PBS Stations Take On Dropout Issue", September 28, 2013

Broadway World, "WNET Airs American Graduate Day 2013 Today", September 28, 2013

Huffington Post, "Fortunate Son", September 27, 2013

Blogtalk Radio, "Tomorrow Will Be Televised - WNET/13 President and CEO Neal Shapiro", September 27, 2013

WNET, "WNET Kicks-off American Graduate Day 2013 with 'What's Next for America's Kids? A Solution Oriented Discussion on the Dropout Crisis", September 27, 2013

WNET, "American Graduate Day 2013 National and Local Partner Organizations", September 27, 2013

WNET, "American Graduate Day 2013 Panelists Biographies", September 27, 2013

Inside Indiana Business, "Public Broadcaster Targets Dropout Crisis", September 27, 2013

The Daily News, "Genesee 4-H Educator to Appear in PBS Program", Sepbember 27, 2013

Georgia Public Broadcasting, "American Graduate Day is September 28", September 27, 2013

The Paramus Post, "Junior Achievement to Participate in Live National Multiplatform to Keep Students on the Path to Graduation", September 26, 2013

Metrofocus, "American Graduate Day: Queens Library Discovery Center", September 25, 2013

WSAV, "AASU Featured as National Success Story on PBS", September 25, 2013

WJCT, "AMERICAN GRADUATE: Making the Transition to High School", September 24, 2013

MintPress News, "Drought of STEM Graduates May Spell Doom for the American Economy", September 24, 2013

WUNC, "From The Classroom To The Graduation Stage", September 23, 2013

The St. Louis Beacon, "School Dropouts Often Lack Personal Connection, Panelists Say", September 16, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle, "Town Hall Focuses on Black Men Challenges", September 10, 2013

Quad-City Times, "Public Television to Broadcast American Graduate Day Program", September 10, 2012

Rapid TV News, "PBS Addresses US Latino School Dropout Crisis", September 10, 2013

tpt, "Twin Cities Public Television Brings American Graduate Public Media Initiative to Minnesota", September 10, 2013

WebWire, "Independent Lens Opens New Season with Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey on Sept. 30", September 9, 2013

NewsOne, "Oakland Schools, Organizations Band Together to Help Black Males Graduate", September 5, 2013

Current, "Second American Graduate Day to Raise Dropout Awareness Nationwide", September 3, 2013

October 2013

Education Week, "PBS Documentary Focuses on Six Latino Students Who Made the Grade", October 28, 2013

New York Times, "What's on Monday: The Graduates/Los Graduados", October 28, 2013

KUHF, "PBS Documentary Highlights Successes and Failures of Hispanic Students in America"October 28, 2013

Latino Public Broadcasting, 'The Graduates/Los Graduados' Premieres Tonight on PBS - Q&A Wtih Producers Katia Maguire and Pamela Aguilar", October 28, 2013

Tulsa World, "Documentary 'The Graduates/Los Graduados' features Tulsa Teen", October 28, 2013

La Opinion, "Estrenará PBS serie documental 'Los Graduados'/ THE GRADUATES premieres on PBS," October 27, 2012

NBC Latino, "'The Graduates' - A First-Hand Look at Challenges, Success of Latino Students", October 24, 2013

San Diego Union-Tribune, "From City Heights to PBS", October 24, 2013

CPB, "The Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University Reports Public Media Stations are Helping to Reverse the High School Dropout Trend", October 22, 2013

CPB, "American Graduate Evaluation from Johns Hopkins University Reports Public Media's Vital Role in Building Community Capacity", October 21, 2013

Edutopia, "The Graduates: Another Film That Souldn't Be Missed", October 21, 2013

Latin Business Today, "Los Graduados A Film About Satino Students", October 21, 2013, Review of "American Promise", October 18, 2013


November 2013

Congressional Record, "Extensions and remarks: Statement by Representative Butterfield", November 21, 2013

Latino Public Broadcasting, "Latino Public Broadcasting Presents New Web Series 'Street Knowledge 2 College' Premiering on on November 12, 2013", November 12, 2013

December 2013

The Atlantic, "When Minority Students Attend Elite Private Schools", December 17, 2013